“Historically, jewelry was never just about body adornment.  There was often a deeper significance and purpose behind its usage."  

About me…

After a fabulous 3-day celebration with friends in Biarritz, I made the bold decision to pursue something I had always wanted to do; design jewelry.

A week later, my sensibilities were numbed as I read about the heinous terrorists attacks in Paris, a city very close to my heart. It was at this moment in November 2015 that I decided to focus my energy on creating jewelry with meaning.

As I began to research the history of jewelry, I soon realized that body adornment often had greater significance and purpose behind its usage. This led to the obvious question, “So, why aren’t we using jewelry to protect and empower ourselves today?”

As the world continues to spiral into turmoil, it seems more necessary than ever to use the powers of talismans and gemstones to offer one a sense of protection and well being.

Each piece in the collection is meticulously hand-crafted by skilled artisans, and the narrative inspiring each design is just as important to me as its timeless beauty.  

I work with whatever materials speak to me, but mostly with gold ranging from 18-24 karat and sterling silver. Each stone is selected by me and each element used in my designs are hand-crafted making each piece unique.

I studied Philosophy in America and Europe, but learned how to live when I moved to India in 1987. I currently live with my husband and twin children between Southampton and NYC, and work in Jaipur, India.

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